Whether it is arithmetic, geometry, probability, logic or problem solving, all of these areas and more can be found in math competitions. Not all students have an aptitude for math competitions, however, most students should try them a few times. Who knows, you might know more math than you thought! If you like the logic of chess, make sure you join the tournament.


The CARIBOU MATH Competition is a North America wide online contest that is held on six days within a school year. On each of these days a contest is offered for each of the age groups of grades 3/4, 5/6, 7/8, 9/10 and 11/12. Contests are provided in both English and French. Depending on the grade level, the contest will consist of 8 or more multiple choice questions with a 60 minute time limit. The Caribou Cup is the series of all Caribou Mathematics Contests in one school year. The ranking in the Cup is based on the total number of points achieved in the 5 best contests throughout the whole school year.



The MATH LEAGUE has math contests for grades 4 to 11. This North American contest has now branced out to Europe and China. Every contest has questions from different areas of mathematics. The goal is to encourage student interest and confidence in mathematics through solving worthwhile problems. The grade 4 and 5 contests consist of 30 multiple choice questions with a 30 minute time limit. The grade 6 contest has 35 multiple chioce questions with a 30 minute time limit. Every year, the grade 6 contest is scheduled for January and the grade 4 and 5 contests are held at the end of March or Early April.



MATHEMATICA Contest Centre prepares some of the top mathematics competitions in North America from grades 3 to 9. This competition is considered to be more challenging than the other competitions. The Mathimatica Competitions are designed in ways to challenge and promote the problem solving skills of all students. Depending on the grade level, the contest will range from 25 to 50 multiple choice questions with a time limit of 45 to 75 minutes. Contests are available in both English and French. Mathimatica Contests include the Thales (grade 3), Byron-Germain (grade 4), Fibonacci (grade 5), Pythagoras (grade 6), Euler (grade 7), Lagrange (grade 8) and Newton (grade 9).



The chess competition is usually in the format of one-to-one matches with no finals or round-robins. Each student plays all the other students once and points are awarded based on a win (checkmate) or a draw (stalemate). The top three finishers in the point standings are declared the chess champions.


The chess tournament takes place during lunch time and at various months from year to year. Sometimes, a chess tournament can have a student play between 10 to 30 matches, which might take up 10 to 20 lunch hours. Commitment is a big part of joining the chess tournament.


The Quebec Cycle 3 Math Competition is open to all Quebec students in grades 5 and 6. Unlike the other math competitions, the Quebec Cycle 3 Contest consists of a variety of questions (multiple choice, short answer, show your work problems, etc.) with a 75 minute time limit. This contest usually takes place on the first or second week of April.